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How long will the order take to arrive?

Delivery time depends on Product availability. Flash Delivery: 7-15 working days. Pre-order: 30-45 working days.

Why is there no tracking update?

If you have received the tracking number, but the tracking says canceled. It’s because of:

Why was my order divided into two or more packages?

We partial ship orders quite often and we don't charge for delivery more than once for a single order number,. The remaining products will be dispatched after some time as soon as we receive the shipment from the brand's end. You will receive an emai

The tracking service shows that the attempted delivery of my parcel was unsuccessfully. What can I do?

Typically this is due to an incomplete/incorrect shipping address or the courier does not have access to the delivery location.  Please contact the courier to arrange for a re-delivery of your package.