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How can I place an order?Updated 3 years ago

Thank you for choosing BAGALLERY! We're happy to show you how to order items on our site.

Following are the steps to place an order,

  1. Click your desired products to Choose it 
  2.  Add your desired products to the cart ️ CHECKOUT

  3. Select continue to shopping, if you want to add more products to your cart, else, select proceed to checkout

  4.  Insert your Contact details and Shipping address

  5.  Insert the Discount Code (If you have any available) ️Continue to Shipping
  6. Select Continue to Payment

  7. Select Method of payment

    ️Debit/ Credit Card (Share your transfer receipt at [email protected] )
    ️Cash on Delivery
    ️Bank Deposit 
  8. Complete Order

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